When Every Student Shines, Our Community Thrives

Supporting The Rogers Public School District

The Rogers Public Education Foundation (RPEF) is the non-profit philanthropic partner of the Rogers Public School District. We believe our community is strengthened when every student has equitable access to quality education. We collaborate with local companies, business leaders, and residents to raise funds for immediate and critical education needs of our public schools.

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Understanding the Need


The percentage of students in the Rogers Public School District that are eligible for free or reduced lunch


The number of public schools in Rogers serving over 15,600 students, many with limited access to technology


The average amount U.S. teachers spend of their own money to purchase classroom materials

How We Help

Our grants enable teachers to purchase programs or materials that can enhance classroom learning without spending money out of their own pockets. In turn, these grants benefit every child in the Rogers Public School District, including Lowell and Garfield. When you donate to the RPEF, you have an opportunity to make a real, lasting impact on the lives of students, as well as teachers and our community.

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A Personal Welcome

Click to read a welcome letter from Dr. Jeff Perry,

the Rogers Public School District Superintendent.

Welcome to the Rogers Public Education Foundation website. Thank you for taking a moment to better understand the purpose of the foundation and discover how you can partner with us to promote public school education in Rogers.  


We are committed to providing each child with the best possible educational opportunities. We possess a relentless desire to see our students grow academically and to thrive as a person. In Rogers, we believe in the value of every child and we have created an atmosphere where all students are respected for the individual strengths they bring to our district. Our mission statement declares that all belong, all learn, and all succeed. This statement is more than mere words or a hope of what we want to accomplish. These words provide the foundation of our school district and it constitutes our core belief.  Ensuring the success of all students is a guiding principle for each decision we make.


Creating an educational plan to ensure the success of 16,000 students is a challenging process. It would be impossible to accomplish this mission without the support of community partnerships. The Rogers Public Education Foundation is one of our most valued partners that shares the same belief as we do about the importance of each child. It helps fund the extra resources and materials teachers want to provide an outstanding education for their students.  


Please reach out to us and consider becoming an active supporter of the foundation. We sincerely appreciate your interest in helping our community’s children and contact us if we can be of assistance.  Thank you for your support and we wish you the best.

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